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Direct TV

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Free Direct TV Satellite Dish

DSS Satellite Systems
Get a FREE DIRECTV Single TV Satellite System With Dual LNB, and a FREE Self-Install Kit! (This System Is Multi-Room Ready)

IT'S FREE! (you pay only $29.97 for shipping)

No mail-in rebates or other hassles! You save over $199.00! If you purchased this same system at a retail store you would pay $99.00 for the system, $59.00 for the install kit, and approximately $10.00 in sales tax for a total of $168.00!*

FREE Install Kit!
Everything you need to hook up your new DIRECTV System: mounting hardware, coax cable, grounding wire and compass. You'll have your DIRECTV System up and running in no time!

Dish Network

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Free DishNetwork Satellite Dish

. Free Basic Installation    
. Free 2 Satellite Receivers
. Free 20" Dish Antenna    
. Free Universal Remote    
. More Then 500 Channels
. Digital Quality TV            

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